Vocabulary of Gross Anatomy

Editor & Copyright Dr. med. H. Jastrow
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This collection provides translations of anatomical terms. It represents an essential basis for understanding these expressions.
Knowledge of the terms listed here will be helpful in the dissection course.
  • To make learning easier, terms are listed systematically.
  • Additionally, there is a list of current anatomical abbreviations (see 10).
  • A dictionary (see 11) contains further expressions in alphabetical order.
  • Finally some hints for effective learning are given (see 12).
  • Every attempt was made to label structures correctly according to the anatomical nomenclature and to provide correct information, however mistakes cannot be excluded, thus any liability for eventual errors or incompleteness is rejcted. However, if you should discover any mistake, please notify me via E-mail.
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    1. Directions of cutting and planes,
    terms of direction and position, action of muscles and joints
    2. Basic structures (choice)
    3. Main parts and regions of the body
    4. Organs
    5. Bones
    6. Arteries
    7. Veins
    8. Nerves
    Muscles (German version - English version in preparation)
    10. Important abbreviations
    11. Enlarged list of words in alphabetical order A - Z
    Translation: Terminologia anatomica (gr. / lat.) >>> German + English
    A "brief dictionary" of anatomical technical terms
    12. How to learn and understand anatomy:
    Useful tips for the preparation course
    R. Böhmer is acknowleged for his assistance.