A visible human online reference for medical education & reseach
the detailed, free of charge www-atlas of human cross sections
of the Workshop Anatomy for the Internet

Dr. H. Jastrow

Department of Anatomy, Histology, Johannes Gutenberg-University, Mainz, Germany
(the presentation was shown at the 3rd Visible Human Conference on 5.10.2000)

The workshop Anatomy for the internet (WAI) of the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany provides an extensive anatomy teaching free of charge in the www (http://www.uni-mainz.de/FB/Medizin/Anatomie/workshop/englWelcome.html). One of its main modules is a detailed atlas of 337 axial sections of the visible human male and female (pelvis). The digital images are provided as progressive encoded 24 Bit JPG images in the pixel resolution of the originals trimmed on a black background. The selection of included sections was done with regard to clinical interest. Next to the pictures of the original sections corresponding CT/MR-images are shown, if available, in 8 Bit of grey. In this way it is easy to correlate anatomical to radiological structures. Links to neighbouring sections, to motion pictures of all sections of a region, to the labelled section and to the vocabulary of gross anatomy with >850 terms are present on each page showing an image of the visible human-male or female. Detailed labelling in Latin was performed in the workshop and after thorough checks, resulting pages were embedded in the project giving the name of the student involved. The www-atlas with its over 145 labelled sections and motion pictures provides an excellent world-wide reference for anatomical and radiological understanding useful for everybody, especially medical students, doctors and staff.

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