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Overview blood barriers:
Pages with explanations are linked to the text below the images if available! (Labelling is in German)
1.) Blood-air barrier
blood-air barrier
in lung (rat)
overview blood-
air barrier (rat)
alveole, pneumo-
cyte type1 (rat)
detail thereof with blood
air barrier (rat)
lung capillary 1
lung capillary 2
2.) Blood-Liquor barrier
barrier 1 (rat)
barrier 2 (rat)
ependymal cell + blood
liquor barrier (rat)
3.) Blood-brain barrier
blood-brain barrier around
a venole in CNS (rat)
cerebral cortex: capillary
+ endothelial cell (rat)
4.) Blood-urine barrier
basal lamina of a glomerular
capillary in kidney (monkey)
blood-urine barrier,
kidney (rat)
filtration barrier of
a rat kidney
podocytes and basal lamina
kidney (monkey)
flat section of the basal lamina
which is the barrier (monkey)
Bowmann's capsule +
barrier (monkey)
5.) Blood-testis barrier
blood-testis barrier bet-
ween 2 sertoli cells (rat)
similar detail
6.) Blood-placenta barrier
blood-placenta barrier 1 overview
with syncythiotrophoblast (human)
blood-placenta barrier 2 only
syncythiotrophoblast present (human)
blood-placenta barrier 3 only
syncythiotrophoblast present (human)
blood-placenta barrier 4 only
syncythiotrophoblast present (human)
blood-placenta barrier 5 cyto- and
syncythiotrophoblast present (human)
blood-placenta barrier 6: Cyto-
+ syncythiotrophoblast (human)
7.) Blood-thymus barrier
Blood thymus barrier around capillary (rat) idem (rat)
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