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Overview kidney (Ren):
Pages with explanations are linked to the text below the images if available! (Labelling is in German)
overview (rat)
glomerular capillary
loops (monkey)
endothelial cell of a
glomurular capillary (rat)
glomerulum detail
glomerulum detail 2
glomerulum detail 3
cells of the parietal part of
Bowmann's capsule (monkey)
Bowmann's capsule
+ glomerulum (monkey)
urinalry pole change
of epithelium (monkey)
urinary pole 1
urinary pole 2
glomerulum and
distal tubule (monkey)
fenestrated endothelium +
podocyte processes (monkey)
podocytes, filtration barrier
glomerulum (monkey)
pseudopodea of a
podocyte 1 (monkey)
pseudopods of a
podocyte 2 (monkey)
basement membrane in
flat section (monkey)
podocyte, filtration
mikrovilli on epithelial cells of the
proximal renal tubule (monkey)
tubule 2 (monkey)
proximal renal tubule
3 (monkey)
proximal renal tubule in
coss-section (monkey)
basale striping of aproxi-
mal tubule cell (monkey)
basal striping 2
proximal tubule (monkey)
different tubuli and
blood vessels 1 (monkey)
different tubules + blood
vessels 2 (monkey)
different tubules + blood
vessels 3 (monkey)
different tubules + blood
vessels 4 (monkey)
filtration barrier
basal mitochondrial stripes proxi-
mal tubulus epithelial cell (rat)
Henle's loop in cross-
section (monkey)
Henle's loop in longi-
tudinal section 1 (monkey)
Henle's loop in longi-
tudinal section 2 (monkey)
distal convolut 1
distal renal tubule 1
basal stripes of mito-
chondria (rat)
distal tubule + blood
vessels (monkey)
distal convolut 2
distal convolut 3
distal renal tubule 2
collecting duct

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