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Overview seminal gland (Glandula vesiculosa):
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epithelial cells
seminal gland (rat)
detail with secretory vesicles
apical cytoplasm
epithelial cell (rat)
smooth muscle cells
seminal gland (rat)
The seminal glands (Terminologia histologica: Glandulae vesiculosae) are located dorsal of the prostata. They synthetise a serous, basic secet responsible for the activation and nutrition of spermatozoons. However the latter are never seen in the lumen of this gland in normal case. The glands are eccrine and show a simple (one layer) columnar epithelium lacking any surface specialisations. Under a vey small area of loose connective tissue smooth muscle cells contract with sexal arousal and during ejaculation to press out the secretions collected in the major duct of the gland.

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