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Overview nasal mucosa (Mucosa nasi):
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Regio respiratoria
cells of respiratory epi-
thelium basla part (rat)
kinocilia on top of such cells
cell of a Bowmann's gland
nasal submucosa (monkey)
detail thereof: widened
RER (monkey)
Golgi-apparatus of
gland cell (monkey)
Regio olfactoria
bulb of an olfactory cell
detail of such a bulb
olfactory mucosa
The nasal mucosa (Terminologia histologica: Mucosa nasi) has 2 different parts, the respiratory region (Regio respiratoria) with typical ciliated pseudostratified epithelium (respiratory epithelium) an an olfactory region (Regio olfactoria) with sensory smell cells. These cells show a bulbous protrusion on their surface with long cilia. Bowman's glands are located in the submucosa. Their secretion contributes to the nasal mucos most of which is syntetised by epithelial cells.

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