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Junctional complex with desmosomes between two epithelial cells of the ileum (rat)
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Af = actin filaments (run from inside the microvilli [Mv] into the terminal web [Rt] and anchor the microvilli);
Af* = actin filaments which are attached to the apical cell membrane of microvilli;
C = cytoplasm (cellular fluid); Cjc = Complexus junctarum cellularum (junctional complex);
Clv = Vesiculum clathrinum (clathrin-coated vesicle, i.e. endocytotic vesicle);
Cri = crista mitochondrialis (partly degeneratively widened);
CMV = Corpusculum multivesiculare (multivesicular body); D = Junctio intercellularis digitiformis (interdigitations);
Gx = glycocalyx on top of the cell membrane; IF = intermediate filaments; Lyp = Lysosomae (lysosomes); Lys = heterolysosome;
Ma = Macula adhaerentes (spot desmosomes); Mi = mitochondria (crista-type);
Mm = Membrana mitochondrialis (mitochondrial membrane); Mv = microvilli; P = Plasmalemma (cell membrane);
Pr = polyribosomes (the translation of genetic information takes place here);
Rt = Rete terminale (terminal web consists of actin-, spectrin- and further filaments; is anchored to the cell membrane at Za);
Spi = Spatium intercellulare (intercellular space); Za = Zonula adhaerens (adhaesive stripe = intermediate junction);
Zo = Zonula occludens (tight junction, very close apposition of cell membranes due to interlinked membane proteins);
+ = intercellular space with a "glueing substance" in the region of a spot desmosome [Ma] which consists
of the transmembrane linking proteins desmoglein + desmocollin;
# = cytoplasmic plaque of a Ma (consists of placoglobin and desmoplakines).

A junctional complex consits of a tight junction (Zonula occludens), an adhaesive stripe (Zonula adhaerens) and a spot desmosome (Macula adhaerens).
It is responsible for a stable connection between epithelial cells and allows only a limited amount of water and smallest ions to pass the intercellular space.

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