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synapses in glomerule of the cerebellum (rat)
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Ax = non-myeliniated axon; Axl = Axolemma (cell membrane of the axons);
Axp = Axoplasma (cytoplasm of the axon containing neurotubules which are microtubules of nerve cells,
neurofilaments which are intermediate filaments of nerve cells & mitochondria);
C = Cytoplasma (cytoplasm the neuron Ne); Dps = Densitas postsynaptica (postsynaptic membrane density);
Gc = Gliocytus (glial cell process from an astrocyte); Mi = Mitochondria (crista-type); Ne = neuron (nerve cell soma);
P = Plasmalemma (cell membrane of the astrocyte); RER = rough endoplasmatic reticulum;
Ss = Spatium synapticum (synaptic cleft); Sv = synaptic vesicles (contain neurotransmitter);
Sy = Synapse (place of signal transduction); * = degenerative changes on mitochondria.

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