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ITO cell located in the perisinusoid space (Disse's space) of the liver (rat)
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Ga = Gutta adipis (lipid droplet); Grg = glycogen granules; Hec = Hepatocytus (hepatocyte = liver cell);
Lic = Lipocytus perisinisoideus (ITO cell; a special cell type that stores vitamin A and fat);
Mi = mitochondrion (of the crista-type); Mn = Membrana nuclearis (nuclear membrane, apperas wide due to being flat sectioned);
Mv = microvilli (immobile processes of liver cells); N = Nucleus (nucleus); P = Plasmalemma (cell membrane);
RER = rauhes endoplasmatisches Retikulum; RER = rough endoplasmic reticulum;
Sp = Spatium perisinusoideum (Disse's space); SER = smooth endoplasmic reticulum.

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