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chondron of elastic cartilage with 2 chondrocytes (monkey)
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Ar = Artefakt; C = Cytolasma; Cae = Cartilago elastica = elastischer Knorpel
(Knorpelgrundsubstanz + elastische Fasern = interteritoriale Substanz);
El = Fibrae elasticae (mäßig elektronendichte elastische Fasern);
Ga = Gutta adipis (Fetttropfen); Grg = Glykogengranula; Ko = Kollagen;
P = Plasmalemma (Zellmembran); Ps = Processus cellulares (unbewegliche Zellfortsätze);
X = Knorpelhof = Matrix (reich an Proteoglykanen).

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The image was kindly provided by Prof. H. Wartenberg, page & copyright H. Jastrow.