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Overview elastic cartilage (Cartilago elastica):
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Elastic cartilage (Terminologia histologica: Cartilago elastica) is characterised by the presence of many elastic fibres in the ground substance of the cartilage and therefore has a slight yellowish colour and some opacity. Elastic cartilage has a good elastic distortion capacity and flexibility. Its cells, the chondrocytes and -blasts (latter more active) are similar to those of hyaline cartilage, but they are more often seen singly lying in the cartilage cavities. They synthethise ground substance with less chondroitin sulfate and masked collagen fibres that are not visible in light microscopy. The elastic fibre meshwork is mainly present in the interterritorial substance, i.e. between the groups of cells, and continiues into the perichondrium. The elastic meshwork is detectable even without special stain for elastic fibres. There are few locations where elastic cartilage is present: the epiglottis, the corniculate and cuneiforme cartilages as well as the vocal process of the arythenoid cartilage of the larynx, the cartilage of the outer ear (Cartilago auriculae) and the external auditory tube (Meatus acusticus externus), the auditory tube (Tuba auditiva), and the wall of smallest bronchies of the lung.
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