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detail of smooth muscle cells in longitudinal section (monkey)
(for unlabelled original image click here, please!)

Ad = Area densa, dient der Verankerung der Af = Aktinfilamente; Ca = Caveolae;
Cd = Corpuscula densa (dichte Körperchen = intrazelluläre Filamentverankerung);
Ec = Euchromatin; Hc = Heterochromatin; Ko = Kollagenfasern des Endomysiums;
Lb = Lamina basalis (Basalmembran); N = Nucleus (Zellkern);
Mne = Membrana nuclearis externa (äußere Kernmembran);
Mni = Membrana nuclearis interna (innere Kernmembran);
P = Plasmalemma (Zellmembran).

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