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Overview esophagus (Oesophagus):
Pages with explanations are linked to the text below the images if available! (Labelling is in German)
esophagus overview 1
detail thereof:
squamous epithelium
epithelum overview 2
detail thereof superficial layer
epithelium (rat)
keratinized squamous epithelial cell
close to the lumen (rat)
basal epithelial
cells 1 (rat)
detail thereof:
Langerhans cell
basal epithelial
cells 2 (rat)
basal epithelial
cells 3 (rat)
basal epithelial
cells 4 (rat)
basal epithelial
cells 5 (rat)
detail thereof:
Lamina propria et mus-
cularis mucosae (rat)
detail: endothelial + smooth muscle cells
of the lamina muscularis mucosae
plexus submucosus
non meylinated nerves of the
Plexus submucosus (rat)
detail thereof in L.
propria mucosae
smooth and striated
muscle cells (rat)
detail 1 thereof further detail striated muscle cell of
stratum circulare (rat)
stratum circulare: nucleus
of a striated muscle cell (rat)
detail thereof with notable
invagination of a t-tubule
vegetative innervation of
striated muscle cells (rat)
Plexus myentericus,
ganglion cell (rat)
part of the nervus
vagus (rat)
detail thereof: mainly
non-myelinated fibres
epineurium of the nervus vagus
in the adventitia of esophagus (rat)
epineurium vagus
nerve (rat)
stratified squamous
epithelium (rat)

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