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cell of the zona fasciculata of the adrenal gland showing saccular mitochondria (rat)
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C = cytoplasm (cellular fluid + organelles); Clv = Clathrin coated endocytotic vesicle;
Dp = Diaphragma pori (membrane of a nuclear pore); Ec = euchromatin;
Ed = endocytosis (formation of a clathrin coated endocytotic vesicle Clv); Ef = Endotheliocytus fenestratus
(fenestrated endothelial cell of a capillary); Fe = Fenestra endotheliocyti (fenestrations of the endothelial cell covered with a diaphragm);
Ga = Gutta adipis (lipid droplet); Hc = heterochromatin; Lb = Lamina basalis (basal lamina);
Mam = Matrix mitochondrialis (inner matrix of a Mi); Mi = mitochondria (of the saccular type);
Mme = Membrana mitochondrialis externa (outer membrane of a Mi);
Mmi = Membrana mitochondrialis interna (inner membrane of a Mi, which invaginates as Tm into Mam);
Mne = Membrana nuclearis externa (outer nuclear membrane);
Mni = Membrana nuclearis interna (inner nuclear membrane);
N = Nucleus (nucleus); P = Plasmalemma (cell membrane); Pc = Processus cellularis (immobile cellular process);
Pnu = Porus nuclearis (nuclear pore); PR = polyribosomes; SER = smooth endoplasmic reticulum;
Spi = Spatium intercelluare (intercellular space artificially widened here);
Tm1 = Tubuli mitochondriales (cross-sections of mitochondrial tubes deriving from the Mmi, which show round widenings here.
This causes a sac-like appearance on profiles the reason for the name saccular mitochondrial type;
Tm2 = Tubuli mitochondriales (longitudinal section of mitochondrial tubes Tm1);
* = protein granule which is rich in calcium inside a mitochondrion Mi.

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