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Supporting tissues (Textus sustinentes):
Pages with explanations are linked to the text below the images if available! (Labelling is in German)
hyaline cartilage:
human chondrocyte
idem, rip, human
chondrocyte 2
human rib cartilage
chondrocyte 3
human rib cartilage
chondrocyte 4
human rib cartilage
chondrocyte 5
human rib cartilage
chondrocyte 6
human rib cartilage
chondrocyte 7
human rib cartilage
chondrocyte 8
 hyaline cartilage:
human rib chondrocyte 9
hyaline cartilage: chondro-
blast nasal septum (rat)
elastic cartilage:
chondron (monkey)
elastic cartilage:
chondrocyte (monkey)
chondrocyte of a
human meniscus
formation of osteoid in
bone tissue (monkey)
bone: osteocyte
English text available in the professional version of this atlas.

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