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Bipolar ganglion cell of the spiral ganglion (Ganglion spirale cochleae) in the inner ear of a guinea pig
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C1 = cytoplasm (cellular fluid) of the ganglion cell; C2 = cytoplasm (cellular fluid) of glial cells;
C3 = cytoplasm (cellular fluid) of a process of a neuron with neurotubules and neurofilaments;
Ce = centriole (Zentralkörperchen); cis = Pars cis complexi golgiensis (cis-side of a Golgi-apparatus);
Cmv = Corpuscula multivesicularia (multivesicular bodies); Ec = euchromatin; G = Golgi-apparatus;
Gcp = Gliocytus periphericus (glial cell of the peripherical nervous system = Schwann-cell);
Hc = heterochromatin; Ko = collagen fibres; Lb = Laminae basales (basal laminae of glial cells);
Lyp = Lysosoma (lysosome); Lyt = Telolysosomae (telolysosomes = lipofuscin-vesicles);
Mi = mitochondria (all of crista-type); Mn = Membrana nuclearis (nuclear membrane);
Ms = myelin sheath (consists of multiple windings of the cell membrane of glial cells);
N1 = nucleus of the ganglion cell; N2 = nucleus of a glial cell; Nc = nucleolus;
Ne = neuron (nerve cell body; here a bipolar ganglion cell of the cochlear spiral ganglion of the inner ear);
Nf = neurofilaments; Nm = Neurofibra myelinisata (myelinated nerve cell process);
Nt = Neurotubuli (microtubules of a nerve cell); P1 = Plasmalemma (cell membrane) of a glial cell;
P2 = Plasmalemma (cell membrane) of the ganglion cell; Pnu = Porus nuclearis (pore of the nuclear membrane);
PR = Polyribosomae (grouped ribosomes); RER = rough endoplasmic reticulum;
Spi = Spatium intercellulare (intercellular space); t = Pars trans complexi golgiensis (trans-part of a Golgi-apparatus);
* = Nissl body (ergastoplasm; consists of closely aggregated RER and PR).

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